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  • Atul Mehta

Beware of fake products.

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Standing the test and storms of the time & striving hard for quality and precision, our products have evolved since 1988. Our products are designed to precision, excellent packaging, uncompromising quality.

Products that are given under low price are not always good in quality, sustainability and durability, cheap imitations and compromises in quality is the easier route to success but short lived. But sustainability along with best quality & giving products at competitive price is my main moto.

For people who don't want to compromise on quality for cheap imitated products, Aditi Industries, National Aditi Trolleys & stands offers a class way beyond the ordinary with the latest design, uncompromising quality and reassurance that your money will be well paid off.

Dear customers,

"Please be aware of the copied products sold under the name National Aditi & National, These are the fraud sellers imitating our products and selling under the name National."

Those products are cheap but compromised in quality are available in the market causing loss and harassment for the customers, There are cases of trolley rusting, breaking while machine is on, Wheels breaking no proper locking and the list of customer woes is endless.

Always ask for National product and also check for the logo showed below.

Genuine National trolleys have name embossed on trolley itself.

"So Let us build a trusted relationship with the best quality product."

Thank you!

For further inquiries contact me on 9324789464.

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