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Buying a perfect trolley or stand for your valuable appliance

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Buying a perfect trolley for your appliance has always been a tough decision to make, considering the huge variety & choices available in the market, each promoting their own product. All said & done, I would like to share some facts about 'National Aditi 16 wheels trolley'.

This trolley is available in 2 variants.

  1. Plastic adjustable 16 wheels trolley (stainless steel pipe & plastic corner).

  2. Plastic adjustable 16 wheels trolley (heavy all metal powder coated).

Basically we all want to be tension free once we buy a trolley, But how do we buy a "really" good trolley?

  • If the appliance has to be shifted one needs a good, sturdy trolley to carry weight & net breakdown at the center or break at the corners.

  • If the appliance is kept in a place say for example bathroom, where there is continuous splashing of water, I would suggest you considering buying 16 wheels plastic corner stainless steel pipe trolley, as this material makes completely water proof. Besides, it is a really a strong trolley, the 4 locks provided controls vibrations.

  • If the appliance is kept in a dry place where there is no chances of water splashing around one can opt for metal steel 16 wheels all metal powder coated trolley. This variant is equally strong, sturdy & comes with National Aditi industries guarantee.

Till then, to keep yourself updated regarding the new trolleys and stands for your appliance, do watch for this site & of course do not hesitate to ask queries or you can even contact on +916353442776.

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Jigna Patel
Jigna Patel
Aug 25, 2021


atul mehta
atul mehta
Aug 26, 2021
Replying to

Ma'am, for which appliance do you want trolley? - Atul Mehta (Aditi Industries).

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