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  • Atul Mehta

Another important factor worth considering while choosing stand or trolley.

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Another factor for considering a stand or a trolley is your cities weather condition & the place the appliance is kept daily.

Weather conditions impact a lot on your valuables as silver turns black in humid weather and so on. similarly, a metal trolley / stand can get rusted, water causes quick rusting of the metal reducing its durability and the strength of the trolley / stand, as compared to fiber steel variety which has a water proof frame.

Place where the appliance is kept matters a lot. in a bathroom where there is more water splashing around, in such cases it is highly recommended to go for a waterproof variety plastic trolleys. Plastic products are more durable, strong, longer lasting & most important are water proof.

These trolleys are highly recommended. But again all said & done, individual choices &

quality do matter a lot.

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