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Good news for everyone.

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Hello friends,

Good news for everyone. Having difficulty in moving your heavy gas cylinders, potted plants? need to move speakers? tough moving heavy grain storage containers. We have a solution to all your problem.

  • This new trolley is useful to transport/relocate/ move gas cylinder (for all-purpose ). After buying this trolley the load to carry heavy gas cylinder reduces, the scratches on the floor are also reduced.

  • This trolley contains wheels that rotate 360 degrees to provide smooth and effortless movement, the size of the wheels is 40 mm (4 in nos.)

This sturdy gas cylinder trolley is not only limited to move gas cylinder but also potted plants, speakers, huge grain containers and so on..

This is a must product for every household and place where lifting and moving objects are required. For requirements please call on 9324789464.

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