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  • Atul Mehta

How to choose a perfect stand or a trolley for the refrigerator / washing machine?

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Another good point is how to choose a perfect stand / trolley,

The best way to choose a perfect stand or a trolley is:Need? ( as why do you want a trolley or a stand? ).

1) Height? ( want the trolley for the sake of height? )

2) Easy drainage?

3) Protection from damage?

4) Mobility? [ yes/no ]

And yes, of course the size is also important for you to choose the perfect stand or trolley, so choose the measurements of your appliance, [ measure the outer sides at the bottom of your appliance leg or the wheel ] [ Length & breadth or width both ]. So, we have answer to all your queries, solved by National ADITI washing machine & refrigerator stands and trolleys.

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