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National Aditi, Universal tuff trolley by Aditi Industries

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Life without a washing machine nowadays is unimaginable. Depending on our necessity we opt. from a wide array of washing machines available in the market.

1). Space: Space is one of the most important factor after buying a washing machine where to keep it?

2) Cleaning: once a suitable spot is decided at home the next question is cleaning of the part where the machine is kept.

3) Mobility: Mobility of the machine cause many a times one has to move the washing machine from one spot to another.

We generally have these questions after buying a washing machine.


So, to solve all these problems we at Aditi Industries have been providing solutions in the form of various trolleys and stands.

One of our top selling model is universal tuff trolley. This trolley is economic, durable & waterproof trolley is the best solution for:

A). Space - It is adjustable. Hence, easily fits in the given space, It is compatible for all top loading fully automatic washing machine only - LG, Samsung, whirlpool, IFB ( Top loading 5.5 Kg to 6.5 Kg only, Refrigerator- Single door up to 190 L, Double door up to 210 L

B). It has a height of 4 inches along with the wheels & hence provides enough height for cleaning purposes.

C). Its superior quality wheels provides easy gliding movement of the machine. Hence, moving the machine is now a child's play.

D). 2 Locks provided in the front prevent the movement of the machine when it is an on & washing / drying the clothes.

E). Built form the superior quality plastic material it has a long life & hence there is no danger of the trolley breaking while the machine is on or while moving it from one place to another.

F). Compared to the cheaper imitated products available in the market our trolleys provide you with the good quality, longer life, ultimate satisfaction & value for money.

G). Please check for our logo & sticker for authenticity as shown in the picture below.

H). While buying trolley always insist on the original logo mark & sticker for our brand on trolley as well as our wheels as shown below.


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