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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Metal adjustable pipe type ( with side jacks ) - 4 wheels. Measurements : 23"x 17".

1). Buying the coveted front loading machine not only makes the queen of your house happy it also provides you with a whole lot of extra functional benefits.

2). The things to be considered while buying trolley for the front loading washing machine,

a) It should be heavy / sturdy.

b) It should have good quality powder coating to prevent rusting.

c) It should have side jacks to prevent unnecessary vibrations. [A feature observed by default in all front loading washing machines]

d) The trolley itself should be heavy.

e) The looks of the trolley should be classy & appealing to match with the front loading washing machine.

>> Aditi Industries, National Aditi, have not only 1 but 3 such varieties to match your invaluable front loading washing machine.

3) Metal adjustable trolley: a) 23"x 17" b) 23"x 21"

4) It has good quality powder coating, classy & appealing looks, It is extremely heavy / sturdy.

5) The trolley weight is approx. 4 kg.

6) The two sizes available are: a) 23"x 17" which is suitable for front loading washing machine up to 6.5 kg & top loading washing machine up to 7 kg. b) 23"x 21" which is suitable for front loading washing machine up to 9 kg & top loading up to 10 kg.

>>> One more option for people who don't wanna compromise, Aditi Industries, National trolleys has a very heavy version (23"x 18").

1) The trolley weight is approx. 5 kg.

2) Best quality powder coating.

3) The heavy sturdy trolley minimizes unnecessary vibrations to a great extent.

4) The trolley size minimum - 23"x 18"

maximum - 24"x 24"

>>> *For further inquiries please contact me on 9324789464, +916353442776.

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