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Sturdy heavy duty metal corner stainless steel pipe - 24 wheels trolley fully adjustable.

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Finally easy mobility for valuable appliances,

-- Refrigerators from 500 L to 900 L ( Double door / side by side refrigerator ).

-- Washing machine all top loading, front loading up to 14 kg.

National Aditi 24 wheels stainless steel pipe trolley for 900 L side by side refrigerator
A side by side refrigerator is stable on 24 wheels trolley ( National Aditi )

~~ National Aditi 24 wheels - stainless steel pipe trolley is the best option for all your refrigerators 500 L - 900 L. The trolley comes in a 3" height along with the wheels ( wheel height 2") as shown in the catalog picture, This is the sign of authentic National Aditi trolley. Please beware of cheap imitated products available in the market . The heavy duty metal powder coated corners come along with the best quality stainless steel to give extra sturdiness, support and elegant look to accompany your valuable jewel.

The locks in the trolley provide extra safety. Available in custom made sizes as per individual requirement. for further inquiries and placing an order please contact me on Mob: +916353442776.

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