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  • Atul Mehta

Trolley best suited for 400 L refrigerators

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

My friend recently bought a 400 liter refrigerator, she was extremely excited for obvious reason as her long awaited wish came true. Now the problem was that it had to be fitted in a slot provided for the refrigerator, plus it was in the kitchen ( the usual water cleaning issues etc. ) since, the refrigerator was the star in front of her eyes & family it had to be given the special treatment. So a suitable trolley had to be found from the umpteen number of so called heavy, adjustable, metal trolleys sold by different brands vying for a pie in the retail world & cutting each others throats for proving that their product was the best.

Amidst, all the confusion & deciding the right choice, she called me up. I explained it to her that cheap price should not be the only criteria for buying the trolley instead, we should rely on the brand that which is in the market since 30 years and provides the strength, good quality powder coating is adjustable has good locking system and is very stylish and up to the mark. I suggested her to buy National Aditi, Aditi Industries all metal powder coated 16 wheels adjustable trolley for her 400 liter refrigerator. The trolley can easily be glided, provides adequate height for cleaning and comes with the brand name National Aditi form Aditi Industries, she accepted my suggestion and now she glad that she did not opt. for cheaper brand products.

If you have any top loading washing machine from 5.5 - 9.5 kg front loading washing machine up to 7 kg dishwashers & refrigerators up to 400 liter, this is the ideal trolley for your appliance.

For further inquires contact +916353442776.

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