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            These rubber stoppers are anti- vibration, anti-skid, rubber booch.

  •  Can also be used for balancing the appliance/ furniture.
  • Comes with high quality rubber & quality zinc plating.
  • Multi-purpose rubber stopper comes in set of 4 nos.
  • These rubber stoppers are user-friendly & is easy to operate.
  • This rubber stopper is used mainly used for anti-vibration & anti-skid effect.
  • These rubber stoppers come in 2 lengths: 70mm & 80mm.


Aditi Industries, National Aditi Tall Rubber Stopper (4 nos)

SKU: NARS000003
  • Thread size: 3/8"

    Total Length: 70 mm / 80mm.

    Length: 30 mm / 40mm.

    Breadth: 30mm.

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